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Danny Gare: Superstitions, Rituals and Habits

Once I got dressed and were ready to go out on to the ice, the ritual became who I followed out. It was always Billy Hajt. He was my first roommate in St. Catharines when I first came up to Buffalo, so I figured I followed him out the door of our place on the way to the arena, I might as well follow him out on to the ice.

Buffalo Sabres and Tim Hortons Team Up for Timbits Skate

The Buffalo Sabres and Tim Hortons, along with Head Coach Lindy Ruff, Buffalo Sabres Alumni and Sabretooth teamed up Wednesday night for the Tim Hortons Timbit Hockey Skate at HSBC Arena. The event, which was free of charge, played host to more than 200 young players from the Western New York area.

Ruff knows both sides of lockout story

'"Fans are frustrated, and they have every right to be frustrated," Ruff said. "They're like anybody else, like myself. They want to see a resolution. I think they'd like to see dialogue and communication. That's the gist of it from friends, from fans, from anybody I bump into. They would like to see two parties working toward a resolution."'

Sabres coach growing antsy over NHL lockout

'''There's days when I'm not doing anything or I'm not in Rochester that I wander around aimlessly,'' the Sabres coach said Wednesday. ''You miss the teaching, you miss the on-ice, you miss the travel. You miss everything.'''

Sabre Legends: Craig Ramsay

'He was the ideal player to have for any coach. And any team today would love to have a Craig Ramsay on their roster.'

NHL replacement players? That crosses the line

'"I don't know where you would get them from," McKee said. "You can't take the American League or East Coast players because it would crush their leagues. There's some beer leagues around where I know guys would love to play. Scab players won't be an issue. It might be a negotiating threat, but it won't be an issue."'

Sabres defenseman taking everything in stride

'"People say "What are you doing? That's a lot of money. Why you not sign this deal?' " said Zhitnik. "But inside I wasn't comfortable. I didn't want to be in a rush. I tried to make the right decision for myself and make sure that when I sleep, I sleep good."'

Sabres CHL prospect update

'Sabres fans have been given a few rays of hope as two recent draftees, Clarke MacArthur (WHL) and Dylan Hunter (OHL), have been lighting up scoreboards from coast to coast in Canadian junior action.'