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Sabres forward Adam Mair charged with assault

'Pacey said that Mair, 25, was arrested at the scene and charged with the least serious form of assault. Mair was released without having to have a bail hearing. He will now have to abide by probation-like conditions of good behavior until the case is resolved in court.'

Golisano stepping down as president, CEO of Paychex

'The 62-year-old billionaire also owns the Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey team, which he purchased in 2003. He said Monday that he will "continue to get more involved" in the team, but didn't comment further on the team or the current lockout that has kept the teams off the ice. "My role at the Buffalo Sabres is right now enthusiastic and hoping we get around to playing," he said.'

In the Locker Room with Larry Playfair

Fighting can’t be staged like that. In order for it to be an effective tool for your hockey team, it has to be spontaneous. It’s almost choreographed now. If they continue to go that route, it’s not long coming until it’s eliminated completely.

Briere returns from Switzerland

'"I would say there's a 50-50 chance to go over there and play again."'

Sabres star Briere not sealed and delivered in Switzerland just yet

'"I've got some personal issues to attend to here in Buffalo so I had to come back home," Briere said on the phone Monday. "So I signed a two-game contract and played this weekend, hoping to show them some goodwill. We'll talk again later this week and decide whether or not I'll spend the rest of the season there."'

Jason Botterill takes the Quick Quiz

What was the worst advice you ever received? JB: It would have to be a coach who told me to be narrow minded and focus on just one thing. That really made me miss a lot of things.

Amerks are ready to unveil Vanek

'Many in hockey believe the 6-foot-1, 207-pound Vanek is the most skilled offensive player drafted by Buffalo since Donald Audette in 1989. All that adds up to great pressure. Or does it?'