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Arniel perfect choice

'Arniel, 41, is tied to the Sabres, contractually, for two more seasons. So he'd have to get permission from Buffalo GM Darcy Regier before even putting his name in the hat. But you can be sure he'll ask for that permission, as soon as today and no later than tomorrow, when he's due to fly to Buffalo to meet with Regier, anyway.'

In The Locker Room with… Darcy Regier

Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier is no stranger to the unpredictable nature of the NHL Entry Draft, having been involved in numerous drafts during his 20+ year professional hockey administrative career. Under Regier's direction, the Sabres have drafted potential superstars such as winger and Memorial Cup winner Derek Roy, defenseman Dmitri Kalinin and Hobey Baker recipient Ryan Miller. With the 2004 Draft looming later this month, Darcy Regier will answer questions submitted to

Ruff Talks About Paille

'Will Daniel Paille start next season in Rochester?

"Well it really depends on a bunch of different things. If he has a tremendous off-season and a great camp you would make those decisions. It always seems advantageous to have a player start (in Rochester). It really depends on how he looks in camp and through preseason."'

Wideman cut loose by Sabres

I do not know why it did not work out, he said. Maybe they just did not have the money to spend and they did not want to spend it in that area. I loved Rochester though. I liked all the guys. I…would have loved to have played there. But that is the way it works, I guess. I never got the idea (Buffalo) had much interest in signing me.which is fine. It happens all the time in this business.

Fan Forum Q&A with Daniel Paille

'What do you view as the area of yourself or your game that you think needs to improve the most this off-season as you prepare for your first professional season? “I definitely need to work on my shot. I know I have a good shot but the shots the players have today are incredible. When they shoot, you basically can’t see the puck. I know the goalies are good and going to be even better. I’m going to work a bit on that. I guess I can get used to the speed.”'

Sabres hope Paille is star of Class of '02

'"He's a good skater," Ruff said. "He finishes his checks. He's a guy that can play in both ends of the rink. He's a smart player. It is about the way the game is played now, finishing checks and trying to work hard, take the puck to the net, pay the price around the net. When he combines that with playing a good defensive game and scoring the amount of goals he does, he's a commodity."'

Sabres' Paille draws comparisons to Peca

'Added coach Lindy Ruff: ''He sums up the way he wants to play. … He pays the price around the net and combines that with playing a good defensive game, which makes him a hot commodity.'''

Sabres relinquish rights to two 2002 draft picks

'Regier said Wideman put up strong numbers but noted that, at 21, he was competing against younger players.'

Introducing… Daniel Paille

'Are you flattered to be compared to Michael Peca?

"Definitely. When I watched him play, I thought he was a great captain and player. He has accomplished so much in his career. When I was growing up, he was definitely an idol in this city and for myself. Being compared to him is a good thing and I can't complain about that. Plus, I hear he is a good guy."'

Daniel Paille relieved to sign last-minute deal with Buffalo Sabres

'"My agent said he was going to get it done and he kept his word," Paille said. "As soon as I got back (from Kelowna) Buffalo came with an offer. They pretty much had it all planned. If we would have finished (the season) earlier, it probably would have been done sooner."'

Dan Paille scores deal with Sabres

'The two-way deal would allow Paille to play next season in the minors if the NHL fails to reach a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the players union.'

'Peca-like' Paille is new Sabre

'"I don't think being compared to a player like Michael Peca is more pressure at all," said Paille, the two-way forward who agreed to terms with the Sabres on Monday. "That is a great compliment. The way he plays is pretty much the way I play. It's the same style: a skilled forward that plays physical."'