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Buffalo rallies to stop Florida

'"We just stopped playing hockey and sat back too much," left winger Marcus Nilson said. "You can't get a lead and stop playing; it doesn't work that way."'

Buffalo 4, Florida 3

'“I thought we came out and looked like turkeys,'' Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. “I thought we regrouped and found a way to win it.'''

Buffalo 4, Florida 3

'"To be honest with you, I think I was just feeding off of the crowd," Briere said. "They were screaming, they were loud and when I got the puck I was saying to myself, 'I got to take this shot, I can't pass. If it goes in, the crowd will go nuts.' I think the crowd had a big say on that third goal."'

Sabres Claw Back To Beat Panthers

'Daniel Briere led the way for the Sabres in an amazing third period comeback to beat the the Florida Panthers 4-3 at HSBC Arena. Briere netted two goals in the third period to lead Buffalo to victory. Buffalo was the lucky recipient of yet another third period meltdown by the Panthers who, for the second straight game, blew a third period lead.'

Sabres look to stay hot at home

'"We want teams to come in here and recognize how hard we play here and how bad we want to win at home. We don't want to be an easy game and make it easy for a team to get off the plane, come in here, win a game and leave."'

Concussion can't wipe away Connolly's hope

'"There's still five months left in the season," Connolly said, "so we're not going to even mention anything about this being the end of my season. It could be a little while, but you have to sit back and wait and see. I'm confident I will be back."'

Sabres vs. Panthers

'C Daniel Briere has four goals and six assists through the 12 games of November.'

Tonight's game: Panthers at Sabres

'RW J.P. Dumont has five goals and eight points in his past six games. He and linemate Daniel Briere have a combined six points in the past two games.'

The Sabres Use Thanksgiving To Prepare For Florida

'The kinder and gentler Lindy Ruff is gone and I like what I see.'

Satan finally gets hot

The Buffalo Sabres may finally be breaking out of their long tradition of losing to the NHL worst teams. Last Friday, they blasted the Carolina Hurricanes 5-0 and Wednesday they throttled the Washington Capitals 5-2. Ten goals in two straight home games could be just what the doctor ordered.

Satan capitalizes

'The goals gave him 19 in his career against Washington, the most he's scored against any team.'

Capitals' offenses mirror NHL

'There's reason to wonder whether the NHL has any interest in reversing the course of a sport quickly moving toward soccer on skates. Fewer goals creates greater parity and the possibility of marginally talented teams (such as the '98 Caps and the '99 Sabres) making surprise runs to the Stanley Cup finals. Fewer goals also applies a drag to team payrolls since 15-goal scorers command smaller salaries than those who net 25.'

A Good Idea at the Time

'"Our goalie gave up a soft goal and we don't bounce back well from those type of things," Cassidy said. "We lost Jagr and the goalie let one in he should have had, and that's been our story all year: We aren't resilient and we weren't tonight."'

Jagr injured in Caps loss

'"We had a chance to convert on power plays and we didn't and then they got themselves back in the game," Cassidy said. "Our goalie wasn't very good tonight. He gave up a soft goal and we lost Jagr and we don't bounce back well from those things. That's been our story all year. We're not very resilient and we weren't tonight."'

Caps: No Jagr deal imminent

'"I can't remember the last time I talked to them about anything, never mind Jags," said one source. "This is an old story. Must have been a slow news day in New York."'