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Buffalo Sabres modify existing affiliation agreement with Rochester Amerks & extend contract one

'The agreement also will enable the Sabres and Amerks to join forces in a new marketing partnership that will increase the Sabres footprint in the Rochester area and further aid the Sabres in their desire to regionalize the franchise.'

Sabres ready to keep more than Amerks

'Confirmations could be made by late next week that General Manager Darcy Regier and coach Lindy Ruff will stay with the Sabres.'

Sabres' Golisano boosts agreement with Amerks

'“I never knew there were so many Buffalo Sabres fans and hockey fans in Rochester,” Golisano said Wednesday, when he and management of the Sabres joined Amerks management in making the announcement at Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. “It didn’t make sense to have something that has been together so long fall by the wayside,” Golisano said.'

Golisano brings it home

'What makes this new agreement meaningful and not just lip service from an erstwhile politician is that the Sabres increased the Amerks’ annual budget by half-a-million dollars, to nearly $2 million. Nobody knows yet how wide the competitive Golisano will open his wallet in Buffalo, but $500,000 extra down on the farm goes a long way. Instead of being in the bottom third of payroll in the AHL, Rochester rockets into the top six.'

June 1st is Deadline for Sabres to Sign 2001 Draft Picks

'It's critical that they come to an agreement with their second round pick from that draft, Derek Roy.'

The Sabres And Amerks Stay Together For 3 More Years

'Traditionally, training camp has been in St. Catharines, South Carolina and Buffalo. Regier says they will now make Rochester a big part of training camp.'

Sabres, Amerks extend affiliation agreement

'The extended agreement will include an increase of $500,000 to the Rochester budget for each season, both teams will work jointly on marketing as the Sabres seek to enlarge their fan base in that city and Amerks general manager Jody Gage will continue in that role but as an employee of the Sabres.'

Senators' lineup spiced with Buffalo flavor

'Varada was just excited to join a team on its way to finishing with the NHL's best regular-season record. ''The Sabres could've sent me somewhere else and, maybe, I wouldn't like to play there. But they traded me to the best team in the league,'' Varada said.'

Buffalo Sabres' affiliate in Rochester pledges loyalty

'Without a core of quality veterans, Amerks president Steve Donner said, the team would continue to lose and the Sabres would also suffer because their young prospects would not develop in the proper environment.'

Buffalo Sabres' affiliate in Rochester agrees to three-year extension

'"What saved it was, quite honestly, our new ownership," Sabres general manager Darcy Regier said. "We had limited resources (the past two years) and it wasn't just in the National Hockey League, it was in the American Hockey League as well."'

Sabres Re-Up With Amerks

'"Through the financial commitment by our new owner, Tom Golisano, this

agreement allows us to allocate more money to our minor league budget in Rochester and thus enables us to develop our prospects, add veteran players to the team and create more depth for the organization," said Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier. "It's very important that we improve the talent level and create a winning atmosphere for the Amerks to be more successful on the ice."'

Amerks will stick with Sabres

'The Amerks and Sabres will announce at 1 p.m. this afternoon that the longest affiliation in pro hockey will continue for a 25th season.'

Going once…

'Perreault and Gare were among a handful of former Sabres who took part in an online auction of hockey memorabilia that ended early last Wednesday morning on the Web site of Classic Collectibles, based in Montreal. (The site is'

Sabres need to show fans their 'plan'

'And if there's a plan in place to cure the ills, then spell it out. Is there money to spend in free agency? Can the payroll expand? Or will the coming season also be written off as part of the youth movement until a new collective bargaining agreement is in place?'

Roy says he's close to signing with Sabres

'The deal could be announced by the end of the week. "I understand it's close to being done," Roy said by phone from Kitchener.'