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Sabres ponder hiring goalie coach

'The Sabres have been taking a hard look at hiring a full-time goaltending coach. Jim Corsi has been the team's part-time coach for five seasons. "I like Jim. I like the job he does and how he teaches," Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. "You sometimes wonder if there's somebody better out there."'

Sabres' juniors on board

'Said Roy: "That's my game. If it's hitting the goalie to get them off their game, I'll do that. I'm competitive. They don't like the way I play, some guys. I try to play hard every night."'

Sabres' Thorburn happy to have Roy on his side

'''I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself, but for Derek, too. We're very grateful for the opportunity,'' Thorburn said. ''I just hope we give it back by being successful.'''

Wait was worth it for Sabres' Roy

'''I want to make this team. I just don't want to get sent down to Rochester,'' he said, referring to the Sabres' AHL affiliate. ''They believe in me and, hopefully, I can come into training camp in good shape and be ready to go.'''

Sabres selling hopes, but is anyone buying?

'The Sabres desperately need goal scorers and some locker room leadership. They're still a long way from making the playoffs … much less contending for the Cup. But by the same token … it was only four years ago that they were in the Cup finals.'

Rangers captain Derek Roy scores deal with Sabres

'"It's a good organization, I know them and I've been through two training camps with them,'' Roy said. "That was really important for me. It's always important when you know the people you work with and I didn't want to chance being drafted by a team I didn't know.'''

Thorburn has early birthday gift, an offer from Sabres

'“I didn’t want to go back in the draft so this is a big day. I figured if I went back in, who knows, maybe I’d get lost in the shuffle because there are many good young players out there.”'

Biron, Chechmanek among Avs’ Possible Options

‘One of the most intriguing would be a trade for Biron. Mired in their own post-great-goalie-era after the retirement of Dominik Hasek last summer, the Sabres are loaded with highly regarded young prospects, namely Mikka Norenen and Ryan Miller. This would be the time to go with the kids.’

Sabres raise their sights

'"Everyone here recognized this is a challenge," Regier said. "Lindy does as well. No one's backing away from it. No one's running. Everybody knows the criticism. Everybody knows about status quo. We're not going to run away, and we're not walking away. We're going to find a way to get it done. In seven months, come back and we'll talk."'

Ruff exudes a new sense of purpose

'"I thought I was done here," Ruff admitted. "I thought it would be time to go elsewhere."'

Accountability needs to reach the GM's office

'Making the playoffs isn't a very ambitious goal, but at least he's giving us something to hold them to. If they miss the playoffs for a third straight year, there'll be hell to pay. The first one held to account will be the coach.'

Sabres sign 2 draftees, won't keep Hamel

'The Sabres will make qualifying offers before June 30 to their other 12 restricted free agents: forwards Eric Boulton, Curtis Brown, Tim Connolly, Ales Kotalik, Adam Mair, Taylor Pyatt and Miroslav Satan and defensemen Rory Fitzpatrick, Dmitri Kalinin, Jay McKee, Henrik Tallinder and Rhett Warrener. Boulton, Brown, Satan, Fitzpatrick, McKee and Warrener have arbitration rights. They must declare by July 15.'

Regier And Ruff Told Win, Or Else

'Regier acknowledged that this team got too young too fast and is looking for veteran leadership to come on board. Quinn and Ruff both described last year's performance as an "embarrassment."'

Ruff takes pay cut, stays with Sabres

'“I’m convinced we can make this a winner. I see what Tom has done in the business world (as the founder and CEO of Paychex Inc.). I’m also convinced this team lacked direction and Tom brings that.”'

Roy gives Sabres talent infusion

'It is much too early to tell if Roy is destined to replace departed Michael Peca as the heart and soul of the Sabres, but he appears to have some of the right ingredients.'