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Sabres ticket price cut generating sales

'The Sabres are gearing up for a major season ticket push, beginning in the middle of May. Collateral material is being printed and the blitz will start almost as soon as the packages arrive from the printers.'

Quinn's back, and he's taking charge

'Quinn will do whatever it takes to consolidate his power and have a big say in how the team is run. Maybe that's why he hasn't gotten rid of the general manager. He hired Regier in the first place, so if he keeps him, Regier will be doubly indebted to him. Quinn can make him his puppet, the way the Rigas family did for so long.'

Golisano tries to change company line

'Golisano is convinced this can work, and it can. People were surprised when they heard ticket prices would drop for a change, but it made perfect sense. If they decrease prices by 8 percent but increase ticket sales by 10 percent, guess what happens? The Sabres will generate more revenue for the franchise and fans will get the feeling they just uncovered a bargain.'

Golisano knows an unsold seat is revenue lost forever to team

'"We should be able to put this at a new level of affordability for some people," Golisano says.'

Golisano takes over, lowers prices

'Though it won't happen next year, the Sabres also will explore reverting to their old blue and gold uniforms, Golisano said. The team wore them in their last regular-season home game this year, and the new owner said fans he has talked to have said it's a high priority.'

Satan tendered offer

'"The reason we did it was because it was the only way we could insure him for the World Championships," Quinn said.'

Golisano not prepared to spend Sabres into competitiveness

'“Do we have a real open mind about this type of thing? Absolutely,'' Golisano said. “Are we going to go out and select the top seven paid players in the league? Absolutely not. But somewhere in the middle is the balance, and that's what we're going to try to achieve.'''

Golisano takes control of Sabres, announces ticket price cut

'"He is giving the team a fresh start," said Dr. Arun Jain, chairman of the University at Buffalo's marketing department. "What he's doing is saying 'I'm not the Rigas family and I'm not Adelphia.' It appears that Tom Golisano is trying to connect with the community and do something for the community."'

Golisano appoints Quinn as Sabres managing partner

'''Somebody asked me how it feels, and I'm just anxious for the season to start and want to figure out a way to win here. That's really my motivation,'' Quinn said. ''I know I should be thrilled about all this, and I am. But I'm not thinking, 'Oh, I'm back.' I'm just not thinking about that.'''

Golisano set to close on purchase of Sabres

'The Sabres have scheduled a 5 p.m. news conference at HSBC Arena, the team's home, where Golisano is expected to make the announcement.'

Biron, Miller going to Worlds

'The goal creases in Finland could have a Buffalo flavor the next few weeks.'

Sabres' goalies going global

'Martin Biron and Ryan Miller will both represent their countries at the World Hockey Championship in Finland, which begins Saturday and ends on May 11.'

All the wrong moves

The Sabres now appear to have a semblance of direction. They must first decide where they are going and who will take them there.

Sabres close local office, but insist commitment to Canada still strong

“By no means is this a negative or are we thumbing our noses at Canada,” Sabres vice-president of communications Mike Gilbert said. “It’s just the opposite. We plan on doing more (in Canada) than has ever been done in the past. The new ownership feels we’ll be able to have more resources to spend in Canada by not having an office there. The Canadian market is extremely important.”'


'Sabres' Fan Appreciation Day this year was like waking up from a restless dream.'