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Sabres' sale boat still at dock

'Once a legitimate offer has been presented, it will go through a two-stage evaluation. The criteria for successful ownership include having the proper funds in the bank and no skeletons in the closet.'

Katzman joining Bulldogs

'Katzman's legacy with the Sabres includes increasing the team's Canadian percentage of its ticket sales to 18 per cent from 10; the increased involvement of the Sabres in the community; the advent of the six-person Canadian sales office in St. Catharines; and the innovative affiliation agreement between the Sabres and the St. Catharines Minor Hockey Association.'

Amerks ask for patience

'In addressing delving, wide-ranging questions from young fans and long-time season ticket holders, Donner and Gage said patience is essential during the Buffalo Sabres' pending ownership transfer. With the NHL controlling operations in Buffalo, the Sabres couldn't sign a player with the stature of 1998-99 AHL scoring champion Domenic Pittis to play primarily for the Amerks.'

Bulldogs go Sabre hunting

'The director of Canadian sales and marketing for the Buffalo Sabres is the new president of the Hamilton Bulldogs.'

Miller says timing was right

'"This is a stepping stone to his dream of playing in the NHL. He was ready to go after his sophomore year. He has to face better shots and better players."'

All-American goaltender Miller leaving Michigan State

'The Sabres and Miller talked about signing a contract most of the summer. They struck a deal just before fall classes started at Michigan State. "They had to get their (financial) affairs in order and I had to make sure this was the right thing to do," said Miller, who decided Friday to leave school.'

Goalie Miller says bye to MSU, hello to Buffalo

'Miller held a farewell news conference Tuesday at Munn Arena, a day after he finalized a hard decision to relinquish his senior season by signing a two-year contract. "They were both very appealing," Miller said of his options. "Another year with the boys and make a run for the title, that would have been great. I waited it out, but it came to a point where I had to make a decision for my career."'

The Last Word

It is always this way in Buffalo, always a fresh start from scratch. Always dire straits. Always a plea for more support.

Tallinder's time?

'That means that Tallinder will battle the other six for a spot on the team. Of the six, the two that seem to be on the bubble would be Woolley and Campbell. There will be several other rookie defensemen getting their shot as well.'

Latest Trade Talks Center on Gratton

'The Mighty Ducks are talking with the Buffalo Sabres about acquiring center Chris Gratton.'

Buffalo Sabres preview

Will the new owner, the league and the fans drive new life into the team? It is a bet worth taking; the real gamble is whether the product on the ice will warrant the 11th-hour efforts on this one-time Cinderella.

Buffalo Sabres Sign Michigan State Goaltender Ryan Miller

'"I believe that Ryan is the best goaltender to ever play college hockey."'

Sabres sign MSU goalie, ending college career

'Will Michigan State goaltender Ryan Miller someday make Buffalo Sabres fans forget about Dominik Hasek?'

Sabres beckon MSU's Miller

'"I totally expected from the time I took the job that he wouldn't be back," Comley said.'

As Comley anticipated, MSU goalie Miller signs with Sabres

'"I think very much it was a dollar-and-cents issue," Comley said. "But it was a no-brainer. They had to sign him."'