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Contract sport

'Martin Biron. Mika Noronen. Ryan Miller. All are young and appear to have the potential for greatness. Yet none of them is under contract.'


'It's not my job to motivate the team, so I don't know if Lindy is doing the best he can with what he has. And it's not my job to draft and develop a team, so I don't know if Darcy is making the most of his budget. And it's certainly not my job to hit the ice and give it my best game after game, so I don't know what could possibly be stopping some players from doing just that. But that failure, at least, has been obvious.'

Bondra, Satan to headline for Slovakia

'Two NHL-calibre snipers whose main employers have failed to make the Stanley Cup playoffs, will be the featured stars for Team Slovakia at the world championships, starting Friday in Sweden.'

The education of the Buffalo hockey fan

' It seems to me that the GM, that Darcy guy, blew it. He really didn't build the team that went to the Stanley Cup finals but he sure has dismantled it.'

Price to see Sabres takes same hike as last year

'Buffalo, however, will still boast one of the NHL's least expensive evenings.'

It's Rigases' call, but Ruff wants to ride out tough times with Regier

'"Losing isn't an option in this town. Not making the playoffs isn't an option in this town. You can go back to what I said when I first got here. People here are passionate about the team. It's their team, and you can't get around that. That's where the challenge is. We have a big challenge ahead of us here."'

Not much change seen in Sabres' future

'Regier on Friday met with the media for the first time since the Sabres' season ended. They missed the playoffs for only the seventh time in their 32-year history, yet Regier indicated fans probably shouldn't get their hopes up for sweeping changes.'

Could Adelphia's problems affect the Sabres?

General Manager Darcy Regier at Friday's annual State of the Sabres address said it's business as usual despite the financial problems plaguing team owner John Rigas, but he admits there is some concern. "I'm not that naive to think difficulties at Adelphia might not impact us," he says. "They may."

Postseason blues are running red

'The Sabres now appear to be experiencing a Catch-22. With less revenue being generated through ticket sales, they have less money to shop for better players. Without a better product on the ice, many fans likely will save their money and stay home.'

Rasmussen on U.S. roster

'Buffalo Sabres forward Erik Rasmussen was among 12 NHL players chosen Wednesday by USA Hockey to compete in the world championships.'

Sabres roll an 11 for draft

'It's worth noting again that despite the pathetic records the Thrashers, Blue Jackets and Panthers produced to earn those lofty draft positions, the Sabres went 3-6-1 against them.'

Tool shipment is past due for Sabres

'Much of the blame for the Sabres' failure to reach the playoffs should be laid at the doorstep of the owners, or in whichever bunker the Rigas family currently resides.'

KB news trio to be honored by Hall of Fame

'…Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers will honor…the late Ted Darling [the] original voice of the Buffalo Sabres.'

Biron ready for 'offseason'

'Biron will be run ragged by a summer schedule that includes marriage, honeymooning in Hawaii, finishing construction on a house, moving into it and – of most interest to Sabres fans – negotiating a new contract.'

Sabres' season-ending report

'If there is one other thing that the Sabres need to improve on next season it's toughness. They need a little more in front of their own net, in the corners and when it comes time to stick up for each other.'