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NY Rangers 2, Buffalo 2 (ot)

'Both teams had four shots in overtime, but the Rangers had the better scoring chances.'

Kozlov sounds off following benching

'"They traded for me so they've got to play me or they've got to trade me," Kozlov told Buffalo's WGR Radio after learning he wasn't going to play against the New York Rangers. "I'm not going to watch the games from the press box. I've got to make a decision on what I'm going to do next."'

Sabres get reinforcements for grudge match with Rangers

'"By making those comments, he showed he knows absolutely nothing about where I've been, what I've done and how far I've come."'

Sabres vs. Rangers

'With a goal and nine assists on the power play, Zhitnik has been in on 10 of the Sabres' 17 power-play goals this season.'

Fleury: Ruff crossed the line

'Ruff was unavailable Monday, but probably will have to answer for his comments before the Rangers and Sabres meet tonight at HSBC Arena.'

Rangers at Buffalo Sabres

'The Rangers were short-handed 22 times and allowed five power-play goals in losing their last two games. Conversely, they are 0-for-17 over the last three games on their power play.'

Rangers' Fleury still angry at Sabres

'Fleury took that to mean his fight with substance abuse, for which he sought and received treatment late last season and over the summer.'

Mocking Fleury? Now That's Ruff

'Fleury said he has heard other references to his personal problems on the ice this season but found those less objectionable because they were made in the heat of battle.'

Spite night for Rangers

'"I don't think you should ever get into anybody's personal life if you're a coach," Ranger head coach Ron Low declared, eyes blazing.'

Fleury's Ruff Response

'"I think he did cross a line," Fleury said. "I would think, being a coach in the NHL, that he would have a little more class than what he showed, saying what he said. I'm not going to get into a war of words with someone that obviously doesn't understand what I've been through."'

Fleury willing to talk with Ruff

'"For Theo to call Varada an embarrassment to the game, well, he's been as much an embarrassment to the league the last couple of years as any player," Ruff said. To the Rangers, the meaning of the statement was clear — Ruff was talking about Fleury's admission of a substance-abuse problem and subsequent entry into a rehabilitation program last February.'

Warrener to rejoin Sabres against Rangers

'Along with his defensive ability, the last-place Sabres missed his leadership and tough, spirited play.'

Warrener healthy

'"Having Rhett back in the lineup will add his physical presence back on our blueline agaian," said Sabres coach, Lindy Ruff. "He's the kind of guy who takes matters into his own hands and asks questions later."'

Penguins chill Sabres' hot streak

'The temperatures in Pittsburgh reached the upper 60s on Saturday, but the Sabres slipped to yet another underachieving opponent.'

Mario joins Sabres for a little skate

'Buffalo defenseman Rhett Warrener, out since Oct. 26 with a partially torn groin, was cleared to play in Pittsburgh, but the Sabres opted to keep him out at action.'