Little Spark in Sabres' tie

Via: Sabres Central

The cards were stacked against Lindy Ruff's team. So far this season, the Buffalo Sabres have won every game…. that is every even numbered game. Buffalo lost its opener to Atlanta, then Ottawa, promptly lost to the Rangers, won against Philly, lost in Detroit and finally beat the Penguins on Sunday. This was the odd night out for Ruff's Sabres.

Another ominous sign for Ruff was the fact that his team was playing a bottom-ranked team. In Ruff's tenure with the Sabres, Buffalo has always played poorly against the weaker teams. Tuesday night, the Sabres hosted the Nashville Predators and as usual the Sabres played below the level of the weaker competition. The Predators took two surprising two goal leads against the Sabres, only to have Buffalo battle back twice and tie the game 3-3. After the Sabres dominated the overtime by outshooting the Preds 3-0, the Sabres were still satisfied that they were able to salvage a point even though they played one of their worst games of they young season.